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Earrings are Tiny Treasures
             C/O Louise Coffield
P. O. Box 8,  Lake Bronson, MN. 56734

      Please hover your mouse over each pair of earrings to get ordering information. 

 All earrings on this page are $8.00 per pair.     (Shipping  to U.S.A. is free if you order 5 or more pairs of earrings,  otherwise add $2.50 total for  1 to 4 pairs.)  

     To order, please send me an e-mail with the earring number plus which page on my website your item is located (example--- this is my
homepage #1) to www.lkbronmotel@wiktel.com ( put PURCHASE EARRINGS  on subject line) 
I will e-mail you back A.S.A.P. letting you know if your earrings are still available and the payment directions. 

    *Note--each pair of earrings is unique and one of a kind--don't wait too long to order or someone else will be wearing the earrings meant for you!
    ( If you order 5 pairs,  the 6th pair is free so you may choose one pair of your choice as my free gift to you.)  
My hobbies are photography, scrap-book making, and  creating all sorts of craft projects, especially earrings.     I have made hundreds of pairs of earrings to sell at boutiques and craft shops and home parties.    Each pair of my  hand-crafted earrings is a unique tiny treasure.   Earrings are the kind of tiny treasure that every woman loves because they come in all  colors, shapes, and sizes.   They can match a lady's mood or her clothing or not match anything at all.  Earrings can be very economical or very expensive, depending on a lady's financial status,  but every woman can afford several pair if she buys less expensive pairs.    They can easily be packed in a tiny treasure chest or even a plastic baggie to accomodate the lady on a trip.    Earrings make a nice gift for a relative,  friend,  or neighbor, or they make a great thank you gift for a child's teacher.

   I have always been very creative and have done dozens of different kinds of crafts from sewing wedding dresses, designing silk or real floral arrangements,  to building birdhouses and decks on my house.    When my children were growing up, I was a Girl Scout and 4-H leader for about 18 years.  I had just as much fun as the kids, as I made sure my troops did a craft project every week.  Of course, I had to try the crafts out first to make sue they were "kid friendly!"

  For several years,  I operated my own craft and gift shop near Stillwater, Minnesota until my husband got sick with cancer.  After he passed away, I returned to my home town of Lake Bronson, Minnesota and purchased the local motel here.  I was the sole proprietor,  manager, and operator of the motel and gift shop until the building burned down on Christmas Eve of 2000.  I could not afford to rebuild. 

After the motel burned,  I was the accountant and book-keeper plus also the daily bus driver for the local Day Activity Center for Handicapped  Adults.   At the same time I was also the manager and caretaker of the local senior citizen housing complex for several years until my retirement.

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